Services We Provide

Candidate Sourcing

No matter the size or scope of your positions, our team of dedicated Research Associates can help you find the candidates that you’re looking for.

Marketing Research / Lead Generation

Whether you’re looking for people interested in tennis in and around Milwaukee or businesses in Chicago with more than 20 employees that may be interested in telecommunications services, we have you covered.

Data Entry / Database Maintenance

Data entry is at the foundation of nearly everything that hireneXus Research does. Whether you need millions of records added to your database or a few thousand, we have the capability and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Background Investigations / Drug Screening

hireneXus Research offers a wide variety of customized background investigation services to clients looking to hire domestic individuals but can also provide tailored background screening solutions for international clients and hires.

Customized Solutions

With an array of research and recruiting solutions, hireneXus is in the unique position to offer our clients completely customized solutions for all of their staffing, recruiting, data and employee security needs.


What Makes Us Different

There are four driving forces to the vision of the hireneXus family and they are what set us apart from other firms. Everything we do revolves around upholding our founding principles and these pillars to our success: Commitment, Potential, Caliber and Quality.


When you choose to entrust the search for your new employee to us, you are forming a client partnership that we take very seriously.


Somewhere out there is a person whose talents are a perfect fit for your company. We use all of our resources and connections to find them for you.


At the core of this methodology is deep industry knowledge and relationships developing industry referrals, but we have also adapted to the digital age.


We have adapted to the changing landscape of recruiting and are now experts with new technologies and internet sourcing methods.

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