hireneXus Research offers two types of outsourcing services to our clients on an international level. RPO is a major outsourcing project for clients that are looking to streamline and outsource their entire recruiting function. Project Outsourcing is designed for organizations looking to quickly increase staff levels in strategic areas. Both of our outsourcing services can be … Continue reading “Recruitment Process Outsourcing”

Layoffs are an unfortunate reality in business. Some layoffs happen because of acquisitions, some happen as a result of exiting a line of business, and others happen as a cost reduction effort. No matter what the reason, it is in every company’s best interest to maintain a positive relationship and reputation with former employees and … Continue reading “Outplacement”

One of the many challenges facing sales and business development is fresh, relevant leads.  One of the primary services of hireneXus Research is lead generation and marketing research.  Our unique research process gives us the ability to create lists for our clients that are unparalleled to any other lead generation service.   Most lead generation … Continue reading “Lead Generation”

hireneXus Research has a vast amount of experience in finding and sourcing candidates for insurance sales.  Whether you’re an independent agent looking for licensed sales people or part of a large insurance group looking for hungry, young sales types, we can help you find those people.   Why Work with hireneXus Research Proprietary database of … Continue reading “Insurance Sales Candidate Sourcing”

hireneXus Research has years of Insurance Recruiting and candidate sourcing experience.  We offer a cost-effective recruiting and staffing solution to insurance companies and agents throughout the United States.  Our expertise and over 40 years of recruiting experience give us the unique ability to fill in the missing pieces for insurance companies and agencies.   Why … Continue reading “Insurance Industry”

Data entry is at the foundation of nearly everything that hireneXus Research does.  Our Research Associates are skilled professionals and are capable of handing any project regardless of size or scope.  Whether you need millions of records added to your database or a few thousand, we have the capability and experience to get the job … Continue reading “Data Entry / Database Maintenance”

One of the ways organizations protect themselves and their employees is through maintaining a drug free workplace policy. Our customized drug screening solutions provide clients with tailored drug screening solutions based upon range and depth of screening desired.   Services Offered   Our affiliation with all major drug-testing laboratories provides access to over 3,300 collection sites … Continue reading “Drug Screening”

Our research team has decades of combined experience in candidate sourcing.  Our professional Research Associates have experience sourcing candidates in practically every business and area of the United States; some even have experience sourcing candidates on an international level.  No matter the size or scope of your positions, our team of dedicated Research Associates can … Continue reading “Candidate Sourcing”

hireneXus Research offers a wide variety of customized background investigation services to clients looking to hire domestic individuals but can also provide tailored background screening solutions for international clients and hires.   Criminal Background Investigations   Our Background Investigation service directly accesses county, state, federal, and national electronic record repositories where available. Where such sources are … Continue reading “Background Investigation”