Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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hireneXus Research offers two types of outsourcing services to our clients on an international level. RPO is a major outsourcing project for clients that are looking to streamline and outsource their entire recruiting function. Project Outsourcing is designed for organizations looking to quickly increase staff levels in strategic areas. Both of our outsourcing services can be done on any scale, even internationally.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing


RPO is a cost-effective tool for managing your entire organization’s strategic recruiting needs. Our RPO service gives you the ability to leverage the talents of a Top 5% MRINetwork office without the weight of recruiting fees. We will manage your entire recruiting process from start to finish ensuring cost savings, quick TTF, and satisfied hiring managers.


Here are some of the benefits of HireNexus’ RPO Service:

  • Save on the costs of advertising open positions – we cover that for you.
  • Your human resources team can focus on your company’s greatest asset–your people–and we focus on finding you more of those great people.
  • We screen all online applicants and only send the best, well-qualified candidates to the hiring managers. Unlike most RPO organizations, we won’t stop sending resumes once we have 3 qualified people. If a better candidate surfaces we will make sure your hiring manager knows about it.
  • Lower the Time To Fill (TTF) for your entire organization, which will save you money. No more hefty recruiting fees; since we are a global contingency & retained recruiting firm, we are your internal recruiting function AND your third party recruiter.


What sets us apart?

  • PRE-EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Our Pre-Employment division will handle all onboarding and other pre-employment services including reference and background screening.
  • CANDIDATE DEVELOPMENT:  We will make sure that each candidate is well prepared for their interview. We will walk through the process with each candidate and hiring manager to ensure that the process is smooth for both parties. In the event that your hiring manager decides not to move forward, we are trained on how to communicate this effectively to the candidate without tarnishing your company’s brand.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS: Our RPO team is as invested in this process as you are. We will guarantee the results of our project and ensure that the people you hire are who they say they are.
  • FLEXIBLE CONTRACT:  Our service contract is on a month-to-month basis and either party can terminate the contract with 30 days notice. We can design a RPO contract that is flexible to your needs. RPO contracts have a 60 day minimum. If you are looking for a RPO for a shorter time period, consider our Project Outsourcing Service.
  • ONSITE AND VIRTUAL RECRUITING: if your organization is local to the Chicago area we can have our project recruiters dividing their time up each week between our office and yours. If you’re outside of the Chicago area our project recruiters can work two weeks from our office and one week from your office each month, if requested.